Fruzsi Menyhei is an illustrator and visual communicator currently based in London. Having grown up in a multicultural environment in Budapest, her work often investigates the relationship between place and personal identity, as well as language and nationality. Her interest in language also extends to a deep love for literature — she’s keen on exploring how visual communication methods can work in tandem with text in the picture book format and beyond, as well as investigating the overlapping spaces between illustration and graphic design for a unique combination of visual communication. A graduate of Camberwell College of Arts and the Cambridge School of Art, her practice utilises both analog and digital methods to create thoughtful, often humorous, images which always strive to connect with the viewer and bring a smile to their face.
In 2023, Fruzsi has created two thought-provoking artist’s books which explore both the topic of home and identity; as well as visually pushing the boundaries of the picture book format, illustration and graphic design.
Looking ahead, she wants to further develop her practice around illustration and literature, including writing and illustrating her own children’s books!
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